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How long does it take to inflate an airtrack?
The majority of the air products can be inflated within 4 minutes . A 12 x 2 x 0.2 m air track takes around 5 minutes to inflate by using a single Bravo blower.

24 Hours after inflation the airtrack is not hard enough anymore, do I need to repair this?
Airtracks are not designed to maintain their pressure overnight. Because of differences in temperatures it loses a bit of air and therefore inflating it once per day is not unusual. When you have doubts, please contact us for a professional opinion.

What do I get when I buy your AirTrack ? 
Each AirTrack is come with a free durable carry bag ,repair kits and using instruction.

Can I design my AirTrack ? 
Yes , we also accept customized size and color . 
Please send us email for your special requirements to .

Do your products comply to the European REACH regulation?
Yes, of course, our products are REACH compliant.

What type of material do you use to make the products?
All of our products use Double Wall Fabric (DWF) consisting of 2 layers of coated vinyl with thousands of threads connecting the two. Our proprietary DWF is specially engineered for athletic training.
For air track mat, there are vinyl center line for traniners to feel it and check their action. Also velcros to connect different airtrack mat for different usage.
For SUP board and water board, there will be anti-slip EVA material on top of DWF material.

Are you active on social media?
Yes, we are! Follow us on:

What is your warranty ?
AirMat Factory manufacturer warrants its air products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service conditions. 
Warranty is not cover for products bought 2 years ago ,non quality-related issues and free products .

What if I damage my airtrack?
If you believe the item is defective and under warranty, please contact us at

Care tips:

Any activity involving motion,rotation,or height creates the possibility of serious injury including permanent paralysis and even death from landing or falling on head,neck,or other parts of the body. This mat does not eliminate this hazard entirely. You still assume risk of serious injury when using this equipment.
Users should know personal limitations before use, If unsure please consult a trained qualified instructor.
Risk can be reduced by strictly following rules at all time:
1)Use mat only on firm ground completely surrounded by appropriate matting.
2)Use mat only under the supervision of trained and qualified instructors or Parents.
3)Ensure surface of mat is smooth and mat is in good condition before use.
4)Leave your mat far from the fire ,sharp items and not use the mat in extreme temperature environment .